Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Las Vegas 2009

Gil and I made a vow back in 2008 that during our foreseeable time together, we would attempt to visit all 50 states.  We live in New York so New Jersey, and Connecticut were done pretty quickly.  So much so, that we never even bothered to try to take any specific pictures there.  Although pictures exist.

In any case, in 2009 I decided that after being over the age of 21 for so many years, it was time for a real vacation and it was time to visit Las Vegas.
The view from our room
Gil and I got to Vegas on a Thursday night.  I was totally ready to party but he just wanted to go to sleep!  Once he got a good nights rest in we had a pretty awesome time.  I had booked us a room at Caesar's Palace right in the center of the strip.  We explored a bunch of hotels, got sucked into a timeshare presentation, caught a Cirque du Soleil show, rode a roller coaster (which I cried after doing), and broke even on our gambling.
Too much to drink!

I also made it a point to arrange for a full day trip to the Grand Canyon.  We took a bus that went through the Hoover Dam and a couple of the little side towns down Route 66.
Williams Arizona
I was definitely not prepared for the cold winds at the Canyon.  And since I am an idiot, I also forgot to pack sneakers so I spent an entire day walking through the Grand Canyon in flip flops.
Someone was nice enough to take a picture of the two of us.
Overall, this trip was a great start to our "hit every state" life plan and once I reach that goal, maybe I'll try this again.

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